Player press conference quotes: Sept. 8
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Sept. 8, 2008

LB Sergio Kindle
On how the defense performed against UTEP:
I feel the defense played good. We could always play better, because we did make some mistakes but as a whole we played good. We've got room for improvement, and we will do that when it's time to play Arkansas.

On Saturday being a Big 12- SEC matchup: I don't want to get into all the hype about the hype about the Big 12 or the SEC, I've just got to worry about Arkansas and take it day by day.

On Coach Muschamp's celebration after a stop: I watched it on TV. It looked like he was mad, but that was actually some type of celebration. It was all love. That's the type of stuff I like. I'm used to getting jumped on and beaten up by my pops and brother because he's bigger than me. Coach Muschamp brings out a different type of personality in a defense that we didn't have last year.

On playing to the coaches' standard: When the coaches have fun that means the players are having fun and doing good, so he's living through us. We're trying to play up to his standard. That way he can have fun. If he isn't having fun, we aren't having fun.

On what he likes about Will Muschamp: Everything about coach Muschamp I like. Being a fierce, competitive coach, that's what you need in college football, especially when you're trying to go to the NFL. He's definitely bringing that to us.

On using film study to not underestimate their opponents: It seems like every time we play somebody they're a different team when they actually get on the field from what we saw on film. They might not look as good as they really are on the day that we play them. From the last couple years I've learned that you can't underestimate anybody.

OT Adam Ulatoski
On the performance of the offensive line to this point:
I think that we have had a couple good games, but we definitely have a lot of work to do. We have to work better on running a zone and running a counter and all the different plays that we have. The last game, we had a lot of plays that were really close to being great plays, we just have to get everybody on the same page and then they'll turn into great plays.

On the Arkansas rivalry: It means a lot because it's a huge rivalry; it's an old-school rivalry. They're going to be ready to play, and we're going to be ready to play and it's going to be a lot of fun.

On his experience in the Texas-Arkansas rivalry: I remember when we were playing them when Vince (Young) was here, they were intense. I was at some of the games when I was getting recruited. I got to be in the stands to watch them. You kind of got a feel for how the rivalry was.

On not underestimating Arkansas: You can't underestimate an SEC team. You can't underestimate a rivalry game. There's really no reason to underestimate these guys. They have great players, they have a great defensive line, and we're going to have to work on them all week to get ready for it.

On Fozzy Whittaker's performance against UTEP: He did a great job. He's such a good runner. We're happy to have him back. We feel like we have a lot of great backs out there.

On Quan Cosby:
He's got such great concentration. We were watching the plays over and over just to try to figure out how he does the things that he does. He's got hands in his face and he still manages to catch the ball. I think he's got a lot of maturity in him.

DE Brian Orakpo
On not underestimating Arkansas:
You can't. Every team plays Texas different. They come with a different scheme, they come with a whole bunch of different packages and especially the main thing is they come with a different attitude when they play us. Look what happened at UTEP; they played a pretty good game. Everybody was down on UTEP as being a low (ranked) team, so you can't do that. Arkansas is in the SEC, and they do still have great players on their team, so we can't take them lightly.

On how it felt to get his first sack:
It's a relief. We've been putting pressure on these past two quarterbacks all this time, and to finally get one for the group is a relief. We can just build off of that and keep going.

On playing another pass-first team: For me and Sergio and all the rest of the guys, it's time to get off the edge again. That's what we live for is getting off the edge and creating havoc in the backfield. If another team wants to keep throwing, that's what we're going to try to do, is put pressure on the guy. (Arkansas head coach Bobby) Petrino is coming in with his offense and they pass, but we've got to get ready for the run as well.

On Coach Muschamp's intensity: We feed off of that. We love it. We love when the guy's pumping and head butting you with your helmet on and chest bumping you and stuff like that. It's great. He brings a great attitude and enthusiasm and we feed off of that. We love it.

On Texas' recent history against Arkansas:
The last time we played, I believe I was a true freshman. I wasn't even playing that year, I just happened to be traveling. We played Arkansas at Arkansas and it was a close game. It was a very close game, it came down to the wire, and we pulled it out. The year before that, Matt Jones and company came in our house and beat us. That's something that we can look at and just go off of, is that we're not doing to take these guys lightly and come prepared, come with a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of emotion, and just really play the way we normally know how to play, and that's Texas football.

On if it is difficult to study a team only two games in with a new head coach:
Not really. You've just got to take those two games and break them down from exactly what they like to do, what they've been showing so far, and start looking at past films as well on Louisville and Arkansas as well, because you never know what they might be capable of doing. You try to break the philosophy on the offensive line, on the different passing schemes they like to do and the running schemes as well and just go from there.

On having Lamarr Houston back: Lamarr has been great for us all offseason and the first game, and to have this guy back after what happened, it's good for us. We can move on and start with the guys that we were counting on from the first place and just go from there.

CB Ryan Palmer On this week's game against Arkansas and the history involved with the rivalry:
Last time we played, I think I was a freshman. It was a pretty big game. We went out there (to Fayetteville) and played. It's a big rivalry. I'm just ready to play in my first one. It's going to be a lot of fun. That pig sooey stuff, it's big out there. They have a wild crowd out there, so it's going to be fun to be able to play against them, being from the SEC and all. All that Big 12, SEC stuff is going to be fun.

On facing a passing team like Arkansas:
Who doesn't throw the ball a lot these days? Everybody is chunking that thing around. It's going to be fun again to play another passing team. We'll see what we can do.

On what he has learned from playing so many pass-heavy offenses:
All of the offenses are basically the same, all the spreads. Some coaches just put their own flavor in it. You learn different cues and keys on what to do and what not to do. It's just fun playing against a lot of passing teams. You have a lot more opportunities to make plays.

On the young players' learning curve: When everybody is throwing it a lot, you have to play more defensive backs. It just means the younger guys have to play. But I think the younger guys that we have are doing a good job of growing. It's going to be fun to see how they stack up and play on Saturday.

On the coaches' reactions to mistakes: It's all a part of the game, especially with Coach Muschamp. They're going to let you know what you did wrong and basically tell you to learn from your mistakes and don't do it again. On what the secondary is working on this week: Basically, we want more turnovers than the UTEP game. But like I said, UTEP came out and played well. They weren't the team that we saw against Buffalo, they came out as a good team. This week, we have to come out and have a great week of practice and get ready to play Arkansas.

On Coach Muschamp's reaction to good performance on the field: I like it if you make a play. You can go out there and tackle him. He'll get up and tackle you back. He's a young coach. He's very energetic. I think it's wearing off on our defense.

RB Chris Ogbonnaya On the Arkansas game this week: There is a lot of tradition that we know about. They played us in the '69 championship. They're an old Southwest Conference rival. We're excited about playing them. We know how much it means to older players and some of the people that were students in the '60s and '70s. With that being said, we're excited. It's another great opponent, it's SEC football so you know they're going to have a lot of talent. We're excited about the opportunity.

On the two games with Arkansas in 2003 and 2004:
I think the '03 game was my senior year of high school. I came to that game, I think the quarterback was Matt Jones at the time. I didn't know much about the rivalry. I really didn't know much about college football. I had just started playing really my freshman, sophomore year of high school. It's college football; any team can win on any given day. We saw a lot of improvement out of UTEP. They're a great football team. They're great athletes. I'm sure we'll expect the same out of Arkansas. Don't look at scores, we look at it as a great team we need to be prepared for, we need to be focused for. We need to play to our standard when we do play them. The young guys know that, we know that. Our freshman year, some of us had the opportunity to go to Fayetteville. They are very big on tradition. They have a lot of rowdy fans. I saw a lot of things that I didn't think I'd ever see, stuff that I wasn't accustomed to. It just showed how much the games mean to people that are a little bit older. We respect that and we want to play well and be focused when we play.

On Fozzy Whittaker: I thought Fozzy played well. Fozzy is great back, has great talent and is a young guy. Like Vondrell [McGee], they're very similar and they have similar running styles. They're both powerful, both extremely fast, they have great speed and they hit the hole hard. So it was good to see him out there running. He's really excited and I'm happy for him. He works hard, and Vondrell is the same. They're both doing extremely well. Cody Johnson also, they all worked hard. I'm glad they had the opportunity to play, and I hope they continue to get better when they do play.

On coach Mack Brown's message of not underestimating Arkansas:
Coach Brown tells us, and Major [Applewhite] my position coach also. We need to watch film. The more you know about your opponent, the better. It's easy to dictate what you're going to do based on what they do. It really doesn't matter how they've played against previous opponents, because like I said, any team can play great. I think they're 2-0, so they did win and that's really what matters. They're a seasoned team that will be ready to play us when they come here, so we need to match their intensity and make sure we're ready to play also.

On Quan Cosby: Quan's been great. Quan is one of the guys I'm probably closer to on the team. He's the oldest guy on the team. For me, I'm a little bit younger than him even though I'm a senior. He's a good role model, somebody that has been fun to look up to. He respects the game. He's married, has two children. He's a very quiet, very humble, very respectful individual, and for me, that's somebody I'd like to emulate. He's a great guy. Quan is one of our leaders on the team and a lot of people look up to him.

QB Colt McCoy On the tradition behind the Arkansas match-up and what it means to fans:
There is so much history. Coach Brown was talking to us yesterday about the national championship. That's big time, any time you can be on that stage. I'm sure back in the Southwest Conference days with the big rivalries, I'm sure it's going to be a huge game. They'll be fired up. We'll be fired up. We're glad it's at home and we're happy to play in front of our home crowd again.

On not underestimating Arkansas:
We all watched the film of UTEP and Buffalo last week, and UTEP was definitely not the same team they played against Buffalo. They came out and played lights out on offense and defense, and it's going to be the same with Arkansas. Any time that we play a big rivalry game, it's going to be a great game. I have watched from film from their last two games, I watched it last night. They're young, but they're really talented. They have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. They're defensive line is really big. I think that's probably their strength. It's going to be a big focus week, a big preparation week.

On Quan Cosby: He had a great game. I was able to single him up on a couple of their (defensive backs) all night, and he made some catches, some big plays. You can always count on Quan. I always call him Mr. Consistent. This is our third year to play with each other. I know where he's going to be all the time. He's like a coach on the field to the younger guys. He helps me out, he helps the coaches out a lot. He tells (the younger guys) if the play breaks, go deep. He helps them out with routes in practice, staying late. Quan is one of those guys you can count on all the time. Mr. Consistent, I say it all the time. In the game against UTEP, any time you have single coverage with him, he's probably going to be your first look.

On the effectiveness of Quan Cosby and Jordan Shipley on broken plays: It's to the point now where we just go ahead and do it in practice, too. We have the opportunity to make a lot of good plays when I move out of the pocket. But at the same time, you don't want to do that too much, you don't want to force that, you just want to let it happen. Being able to have Quan and Jordan, two guys that can find a way to get open, kind of have that sandlot mentality, it makes you feel pretty good.

On working with the younger receivers: The experience that you learn each week is so important. We had a little miscommunication (on the interception), a bad play. We need to take care of the ball in the red zone. But other than that, being able to communicate with those young guys, being able to get them on the field and let them have a little bit of experience, especially in man-to-man. When teams play man-to-man, it's so important to get out there and get jammed off the line and find ways to get open. That's what it's all about, and the more experience they get, the more they'll learn. That play was a bad play in the game, but if we learn from that, next week against Arkansas when we see the same look, he'll be able to overcome that. Those things are important.

On the strong start from UTEP and what to expect from Arkansas:
We expect the best from everybody. We know we're going to get their best and that's why we have to be so focused, that's why we have to be so prepared. I felt like we started out a little slow on the road at UTEP. If anything, we need to come out and set the tone early, on offense and defense, both sides of the ball. We let them get up 6-0 before we finally got something going. Going into this week, that'll probably be one of our main points of emphasis - to get started early.

On the early season hype and individual attention: I always say if we keep winning, if we keep doing what we're doing, those things will happen in the end, not just to me, but to everybody on our team. Give credit to the offensive line, they've given me a ton of protection, and the receivers are catching the ball. It's just like Coach Davis says, we're just playing the game. Just do what they tell you to do, take care of the ball. When you put Ws on the board, good things are going to happen.

On Fozzy Whittaker: Fozzy gives us that extra dimension. Being able to have three guys that can come in and you can count on them to make plays, they can always be fresh, they can sub in for each other, and they all have the ability to make a big play. When Fozzy came in, he made two or three explosive runs, helped us out on offense. They can all catch the ball out of the backfield. Just having that extra guy makes them all stay fresh.

On staying in control during the tough third quarter:
I felt like I was in control. In the third quarter, we just had to ride the surge. They were making plays. We got the ball deep in our own territory a couple of times. If we can just ride that surge and all of a sudden make a couple of plays, we're back in the swing of things. That's all it takes. I felt like we were a little slow, but you have to give UTEP credit. Their fans were extremely loud. It was hard for us to hear, and we weren't expecting that going into the game. But being able to overcome that shows the mark of potentially a good team. That's what I kept telling those guys, to fight through this, play through this, we're going to bust a few big plays here and go score. It was good for us to experience that. We just need to come out of it a little bit quicker next time.

OG Cedric Dockery:
On having more motivation after the last Arkansas game played at Texas in 2003: I am motivated from the fact that it is a new season. We have a chance to be a great team and I think that really helps us out to push to work really hard this week. We are going to go out there and give our best effort.

On what he thinks about Arkansas: I think of a tradition rich school with great athletes on their team and great players. Their defensive line is the structure of their defense. They have some really good players upfront. I know it's going to be a challenge for the offensive line this week, so we are going to go out in practice and work hard. On the younger guys on the offensive line: In practice the older guys are going to have to lead for the younger guys. It is really about a mind set and a thing that comes with maturity. All we can do is lead by example.

On what Arkansas has done the first two games: Arkansas is going to come in here and play their hearts out. It's Texas. Everybody plays Texas hard. I am not trying to be boastful, but every game I have been around here, even the lower ranked teams come in here and give us a match. I believe Arkansas is going to come in here and give us a good challenge. We are going to have to be focused this week.

On he thought the Offensive Line performance:
I think the offensive line did well. "We have light years to go," as Coach McWhorter would say. I believe we can be a really good unit this year.

On Quan Cosby:
We call him the old man on the team. He is great player. Every time I watch him play, I know he wants to go get the ball. He has great hands and he is a great leader for us. He leads by example. He works hard in practice and it shows up in the game. He is really good player.

Jordan Shipley
On Quan Cosby:
He has got a lot of wisdom. All the young guys look up to him and he gives a lot of guys advice. He leads by example and is definitely pretty wise.

On Arkansas: I saw the last two games. We understand it's a big game. Every game around here is a big game for us. I think we will come in and be ready to play and have a lot of energy, but we will try to do that every week. It is going to be rivalry game. Everybody that plays us generally has a certain dislike for us. We understand that and it will be fun for us.

On Colt McCoy and his connection during broken plays:
We just kind of played backyard football at some point. When the play breaks up and when he (Colt) gets pressure in the pocket, we just run around and try to get open. It just goes back to playing sandlot football when you were a kid. That is one of the most fun parts of football to me. At that point where the play is broken and you just try to get open. Colt does a really good job of getting the open person the ball.

On playing as kid on the "Sandlot": I played at a lot of interesting places when I was kid. My dad was football coach, and from the time I was little, I grew up playing the game and messing around with friends on the streets, anywhere. It didn't matter.

DT Roy Miller
On Coach Muschamp being on the sideline:
Most of our defensive coordinators want to stay in the press box and call the plays. I don't think he (Coach Muschamp) could sit in the press box too long.

On Arkansas: They got some good players on their team. Just like Texas, they have a lot of guys that come in and are great players. They recruit great players. We are going to line up and play and see what happens. You can make a lot of things about this game. It has been a rivalry in the past. The fact is they are good team. We've got to get ready for them just like we got ready for the last team. We've got to go work. They are great team. We've got to focus on ourselves and find the things that we need to improve on.

On Arkansas' close games:
Coach Brown was telling us that they are going to be ready for us. No matter what you think or what you have seen on TV, they are going to be ready to play us. That was an eye opener for a lot of guys on the team. People come out here and they are going to want to beat us. They are going to come with everything that they've got. We've got to ready. We will keep on learning. That is how a team gets better. We are looking forward to this week.

On Roddrick Muckelroy:
He is a great player. He is always so focused. That's what I like about him. I was looking at some pictures of the football game. I saw Muckelroy starring down a running back. I just know the kind of person Muckelroy is and I know he is so focused. When he gets to the running back, he is just so powerful. He makes some hard hits. He is great player. He is smart. He is fast. He just has a nose for the ball. If I was linebacker, I would want to be like Muckelroy.

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