Player press conference quotes: Oct. 10
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Oct. 10, 2011

DB Carrington Byndom
On OSU QB Brandon Weedon and WR Justin Blackmon: Both of them are great guys. They're great college players, and we're just going to play them like that.

On if he has seen the OSU duo play yet: No, I haven't watched film of them yet. I'll probably get into that later. We just know that they're a great offense, and we're going to prepare the same way that we did against OU for them.

On what they saw from the OU film: We've watched the film, and we've learned a lot from it. There are definitely a lot of teaching tools from the game, and we're going to take those and we're going to use those this week and throughout the rest of the season. You learn that you have to just keep battling and keep playing. That nothing is going to come easy. That you have to work for it and just continue to get better in every aspect of the game and that it just will get easier.

On staying confident: We know what we're capable of, and we didn't play up to our standard in the back end. But this week we're coming back and we're going to look to focus and use everything that we've learned by watching film, and hopefully we'll be back to the way we were the first four weeks.

On if it is intimidating to play these high-powered offenses: No. We look forward to it. We're at Texas, and you know we're going to play good teams. This is going to be another challenge for us, and we know we're looking forward to it.

On facing tough receivers play after play: I mean, that's my job. I'm a corner, and so I have to face some of the greatest receivers in college football. You look forward to it. t's a challenge for us, and everybody out there likes to compete, especially us in the back end. And play-by-play, that's just what we're out there doing, just working hard.

LB Emmanuel Acho
On OSU's offense: They're just an incredibly prolific offense. They do a great job schematically executing their plays. I think they have incredibly talented players as well at the receiver and running back and quarterback position. I don't know what has them on fire right now, but they're going to be hard to stop. So we've just got to get in the film room and make sure we're mentally prepared.
On if it helps that they faced OU last week to prepare for OSU:
Most definitely. I think a lot of the schemes are the same. A lot of their style of play is similar, and again, their skill level of play is very similar. And so playing Oklahoma was a great, great preparation game for that, and it should have us just a step ahead of where we would have been.

On facing ranked teams week after week: You've just got to take them one game at a time. The Oklahoma game is behind us, so now it's Oklahoma State. We're not worried about anything else. We just know we've got to go out and get this victory. So focus on them completely and put all our energy towards them, and then after that just move on.

On what he saw on film from the OU game: Got to get off the field on third down. Defensively, we didn't play a horrible game, honestly. OU is a good team, let's give them credit. But we've got to get off the field on third down, and we did some things, just made some minor mental errors. With a quarterback like that, he'll find every weakness, every mistake, and he'll capitalize on it. That's the definition of a good player, and that's what he did. We've got to execute better, especially when you're playing against great skill level like that.

On if the score in the OU game is not indicative of how the Longhorns are progressing: Oh, most definitely. I don't think that score reflects the level of play at all, and even I watched the film when we got back that night, and I turned the film on, and just watching the defensive copy, the defense versus Oklahoma copy, it looked like a onetouchdown game if you weren't to look at the scoreboard. Score is not indicative of how we played at all, but the score is the score. But the big thing is it only counts as one loss, and that's what we need to all focus on. Whether we lose 7 to 6 or win 7 to 6, or whatever it may be, it only counts as one game. It doesn't count as two, so don't let it beat you twice.

On how this team will be able to respond: I think leadership. I think, again, this is where the leaders needs to step up. This is when guys like Blake Gideon, myself, Keenan Robinson, Kheeston Randall. This is when we need to prove our worth to this team, not on the field but off the field. How we lead this team in times like this, and so we can't let that OU game beat us again. Get back to the drawing board and just really get back to work.

On leadership on the team: There's specific leaders on both sides of the ball. I always reference the defensive guys because that's who I primarily have contact with. I think there are leaders on both sides of the ball. But we just try to be examples to the entire team. We try to lead the entire team vocally and just by our level of play. So that's what we have to do this week, and that's what we have to make sure we get done.

On the similarities between OU's and OSU's offenses: I think they're similar. not only in the way they're talented in terms of offensively. We know they're very talented at the receiver level and quarterback position, and that's what OU was. And then they're going to spread it out, they're going to pass the ball and run the ball, as well. So we just have to prepare for that. We have to lock into that, and we have to make sure we execute, whether we're playing zone, playing man, blitzing, whatever it may be. We have to execute that well because they're good enough to pick you apart if you don't.

On OSU WR Justin Blackmon: He's an incredible receiver. I don't know how he does it week in and week out. You just look at the stat line, it's another 100yard game, another twotouchdown game. He's mastered his craft, and I applaud him for that. It's going to be a tough challenge this week guarding him. It's a collective effort, though. It's not all on the defensive backs. It's not all on the defensive front. We have to give pressure so that he doesn't have time to sit back there. It's going to be a collective effort, and it's going to be a fun test.

On getting pressure on the opposing quarterbacks: Pressure is huge, but at the same time in watching the film, we realize it's such a collective effort because no matter if you do cover the quarterback, if he has a release to throw it to, he'll get rid of the ball. And I mean, there were two or three times [Saturday] where he came untouched and he just got rid of it. It's a team effort. You've got to have coverage in the back end in order to get a sack, and you've got to get pressure on the front end in order to make him get rid of the ball quick.

S Blake Gideon
On if the team has lost confidence: No, absolutely not. We understand that we played a great team, if not the best team in the country. We made a lot of mistakes, but at the same time, a lot of the mistakes we made were forced on us by a great offense. We understand that we need to put this game where it belongs and move on because we have another top team coming in here to Austin this next week to try to take some of that confidence and swagger from us. It's going to be important for us to put this game where it belongs and be able to move on.

On finding what to fix before the next game: I think the main thing was that it comes down to small details. Whenever you're playing a team like Oklahoma that has such great players and that executes so well, any small mistakes that you make in your technique or something that may not show up against other teams that you can get away with, Oklahoma is going to make you pay for it. Really, I think it opened a lot of the younger guys' eyes that we need to focus in throughout the week and be able to connect practice to the game field and understand the things you're going to see in practice and what you're going to see in the game and be able to carry that stuff over. We've got to move on. That's really the main thing.

On if playing a team like OU helps prepare for OSU: I think there's several good things you can take away from that game obviously. The younger guys that haven't played on a stage like that yet, you know, they can take away the experience. Like I said before, they're no longer freshmen. Those guys have to be counted on to get their job done just like the rest of us, and it's† it's a 12game season, so we've got seven more games guaranteed, and we need to understand that four wins isn't going to get us anything.

On playing two of the best offenses back to back: Well, we've played Oklahoma State before. I think you've got to look at every team individually. There's going to be a lot of questions asked about comparisons between the two offenses and everything. As far as comparisons, they both have great athletes. They both have players that can put up video gamelike numbers. They definitely can play a statistics game if you want to get down to counting all their yards and everything. You know, same thing this week. It's going to be important for us to get lined up to different tempos and play our techniques with perfect technique, or a great team is going to make you pay.

On OSU WR Justin Blackmon: I think he's a bigtime receiver. Everybody sees that. He has the numbers to prove it. You can tell by how he plays. He's a physical guy. He loves the game. He's passionate about it. He plays hard. He blocks hard. That's not always a characteristic of receivers, and you can tell he definitely loves the game of football. So any time you can play against a guy like that and compete with him, then it's really fun. That's what we look forward to. It's a challenge for us. I think he's one of the best players in the country, and we're going to have to respect him like one.

On if former Longhorn DB Aaron Williams talked to him about Blackmon: Oh, absolutely. Aaron got a chance to cover him quite a few times that game, and he'd say now that he's very comparable to NFL receivers that he's facing now. You know, I think the thing with Blackmon is he keeps getting better. He was the best receiver in the country last year, and he keeps getting better this year. He's not settling, and that's just a tribute to his character and his work ethic and the type of person he is.

On if it is a good thing that they have to play again this week: I think it is. It forces us to grow up. We're going to get a chance to see what kind of maturity or resilience that we have as a team this week, because like you said, we're playing another topten team. And we're not going to have time to sit around and mope and think about last week because that's how you get beat twice from one game. A loss is a loss no matter what the margin of defeat was. It counts as one loss. So we need to understand that and realize we're still 4 and 1 and in a very good position. We've got to move on and get ready to play a very good team.

On returning to play at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium: It's definitely special any time you can run out of that tunnel, play under the lights at DKR. It's a stadium that all of us were coming to watch Texas games as little kids. It's special, and it's also something that we've worked towards through the summer and through offseason at protecting our house. We lost way too many games at home last year, and we don't want that to be consistent, losing games at home. It's definitely important for us to come out there with an extra boost of confidence with our fans behind us, and we're playing for more than just the team and the school. We're playing for the city and for the state of Texas.

On OSU QB Brandon Weeden: He's a great player. He gets the ball out on time. You can tell he's a very mature guy. He doesn't get rattled by anything you bring at him as a defense, any sort of different coverages or pressures. He's on rhythm with his receivers. ou can tell they spend a lot of time together, and I think he manages the game above all else. He's not careless with the football, and he's very confident in what he's able to do.

On trying to disguise coverages pre-snap: That's half the game. What the casual fan may not understand, that with college quarterbacks and especially the quarterbacks that we face in the Big 12, they're looking at presnap, and they're making a decision of what defense you're going to be in. So you're wanting to show them something else. You're wanting to show them cover two if you're going to be in cover one or whatever. It's all about giving them different looks, and if they want to play the "look back to the sideline game", then that just adds another chapter to it. It's all about making your looks believable and showing him a blitz and backing out. That's what it is. It's a mind game. It's a chess game.

On how Blackmon compares to OU's Stills and Broyles: Well, all three are great players. All three are going to be great players at the next level. I think Blackmon, obviously he has the numbers to stand with both those guys we just faced. He's very good at what he does. He is one of the best receivers in the country, and we're going to have to realize that. But at the same time they've also got some other guys that can make plays on that offense.

On if he offered any advice to the Texas QB's, as a senior: Sure. Just that they're not freshmen anymore or true sophomores, they're going to be counted on to do their job just like everybody else. Just like every young player wants to do after a tough game or a loss, you want to feel bad for yourself. I think they've done a great job of understanding that that would be the most selfish thing they could do. And so I think Ash and Case, they've done a great job of picking the offense up, and they're leading that side of the ball. And they're ready to go back to work tomorrow and get a win this weekend.

LB Keenan Robinson
On how to move forward: I think the important thing is get back to doing what we're been doing the first four games. It worked, it's going to work. We want to make sure as a defense we want some turnovers to come. They came the last two games, this game [Okahoma] they couldn't. We got one. Executing on third down is something we need to do better. That game we didn't execute. All the other games we have. And we pretty much handled the run except for that long run. We really tried to do everything we wanted to do to win the game on defense to help our offense, but there's a few plays here and there that we gave up that kind of stopped us from doing that, prevented us from doing that. We need to play better as a team, execute the plays better. And I think if we do that, we can get back to playing defense like we have been.

On how to stop OSU: We're really [concerned] about stopping the run, and I think as we watch film, and especially last year, we've seen that we weren't getting lined up, so they ran the ball. That's what they do. When you're not lined up they're going to run the ball, stretch the boundary and get ten yards here or there. This game we were lined up. We were waiting for them for every play, so the tempo didn't hurt us at all because we practiced it and we were ready for it. They didn't run the ball and couldn't run the ball until that one play. Passing wise we weren't as effective as we could have been. Our pass rush wasn't able to get there because we were in the softer coverage at times and vice versa. So we've really got to make sure that we take away the high read, take away the slant, take away the hitches from the quarterback. Make him hold the ball and let our blitzes and our Dline get at the quarterback. That's how we force turnovers because we can get at the quarterback, make him throw the ball where he doesn't want to throw it or make him hold onto it. Make him run. Force a sack. Force a fumble. That's something that we're really going to have to work on this week is just playing better team defense because we've got to complement each other and help each other out. And if we do that, we have a great chance of winning [more] than we did this past week.

On if it is frustrating playing a high-tempo offense: It's not too frustrating because, like we said, we really practiced it so we were ready for the tempo. We were looking at them waiting for them to call the play and they were waiting for us to show coverage or show something that they can get a read on - what we were going to do. And so when we want to play, we've got to kind of do better at making them do something they don't want to do, show something. And then trick them when the play starts. Roll into something else so that the quarterback is not sure of his reads. As far as the amount of plays that we run, that doesn't really bother me anymore because it's kind of the culture today in college football, so you've got to be used to it. You've got to get used to it and be able to adapt to it in order to play well and win games. That aspect doesn't really affect me that much because from here on out, A&M is going to run tempo plays, Oklahoma State is going to run tempo plays. Other teams in the league - Texas Tech is going to run tempo plays. So we've got to get used to it and make sure that we're ready for it any time.

On respecting the abilities of OSU RB Joseph Randle: You always have to. That's what I told the linebackers yesterday in practice. They're a team that will pass about 60 times a game, but they're going to pass as well as run, and if you let them run the ball, then you just have two things they can do to you. If you make them pass it and you stop the run, then you know that they're probably going to pass the ball, and you're going to take away some of their options. So what we did this past weekend, we stopped the run until that last play, and we made OU onedimensional. And once you make them onedimensional, we've got to make them pay. We've got to make sure that we stop their onedimensional passing game. We've got to make sure that we do everything we can to take away the high reads, take away the quick slant, take away things that they want to do and the pass they want to get so they can get quick yards on us. Once we take those away, then they'll be back to the drawing board saying what can we do against the defense? We can't run. We can't pass? What do we do next? And that's what we've got to do this coming up weekend.

On OSU's QB Weedon and WR Blackmon: They're a great combination. They're kind of like Harrell and Crabtree, Broyles and OU quarterbacks, both of them. Both of them together, can really hurt you, and the thing is on the goal line it's kind of funny. Most teams like to run the ball because it's a high percentage play. Instead of running that they'll throw a fade because it's a higher percentage for them. They're a great onetwo duo. They'll both be guys that will go probably first round. In order to win the game we're going to stop their playmakers and those two, and then stop the running game.

On not dwelling on the loss because of having to play another tough opponent: It's very true because of the fact that we can sit here and get down on ourselves about this past loss, then you're going to let us beat us this coming up weekend, and we can't do that because every game is important. The loss we had on Saturday only counts for one loss, not five, not four. We're still 4 and 1, still have everything that we want to achieve still attainable. We've just got to make sure we do what we do best. Keep playing football. Play the Texas way and just have a great team win on Saturday. We need offense, defense, special teams all to play great in order to get this victory.

On his mentality going into Saturday: I'm good, because I want to show everybody that it was a fluke last week. Obviously on offense we gave up three touchdowns to their defense, so you can't win when you have that happen. And I think that was a fluke because everything just happened and snowballed real quick. I think that if we come out Saturday and we can stop their offense, play well and play a better team game, then we can prove to people that we were rightfully ranked No.11. We just had a fluke game.

On how he knows this team will respond to adversity: The things that we did in third and fourth quarter. When things were spinning out of control and out of whack and not going the way we wanted to in games, we still played hard on defense, still played fast and physical, still forced some turnovers late in the fourth quarter. So we were still flying around even though the game went out of hand. We didn't let the little things that we couldn't control affect us, and we just kept on playing every play, every snap, and that's something that the coaches look to and they see that. And there's optimism in that because they can see that when this team has got its back against the ropes and nothing is going right, we're still going to fight until the very end game and that's what we did. That gives us a chance in closer games that we might be down by three points and might have a minute left to win. We're a team that's going to pick it up and try to do everything we can to get that victory whether we're up three or down three. So we're going to do everything we can no matter what the score is and just continue to fight and play tough and play ball the Texas way.

TE Blaine Irby
On how to remain confident: I think after every game we kind of have something called a 24hour rule where on Sunday we watch film, we correct everything that kind of went wrong and really review our game plan. And whether it's a win or a loss, you have to forget about the previous game. It might be a little more difficult this week, but I think everyone just has to stay confident and just really trust our game plan on offense and defense and just prepare like we've been doing every game. So I think this week is going to be a good week of preparation.

On how it felt to catch some passes this week: I mean, even after a disappointing loss - that was a good time, catching those balls. It would have been better if we would have won the game. But at the same time, it's good just to kind of get that out of the way and just start playing football again.

On returning to play at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium: It's going to be great playing in front of our fans for the first time in a while. I think our fans always bring a spirit about them, and we saw it last week in Dallas, but now we're going to have about 100,000 of them now. It's going to be fun.

On what he said to the QB's: I was talking to both of them during the game just to keep their head up and stay confident and trust their ability to play. We're not going to be able to win with five turnovers happening, but at the same time, they just have to really know that they're both great players, and they just have to trust their ability in playing football. What happened last week was unfortunate, but it's like one of those deals where you just have to forget about it and just play the next play.

OG/C David Snow
On this week's game: We're playing two really great teams back to back, and you know, last week didn't go like we wanted to, but now we have a chance to prepare and come back and have a great game against OSU.

On how the loss on Saturday occurred: You can't just single out one thing. It was a multitude of things that led into what happened. The great thing is all of it can get fixed and we can work on it. We've just got to get back to the drawing board and got to get back this weekend.

On the offensive line's upcoming preparation: It all starts with Tuesday, with the practice. Just start going back to practice, and you learn from your mistakes you had and the mistakes we had in OU, and you just learn from them. And through practice you just get better, and you just don't make the same mistakes twice.

On the play of RB Fozzy Whittaker: I mean, the guy, he works his tail off, and he's always upbeat. He's a very dynamic player, and he makes great plays for us, especially when we need him. You know, it doesn't shock me at all because I've seen him do it in practice. It's just what he does.

On OSU's defense: They're actually pretty good. They're kind of shadowed by their offense, but I believe I think it's four different players on their team have interceptions. They're a very good defense. We've just got to start preparing for them, and it's going to be a great battle out here in DKR.

RB Foswhitt Whittaker
On putting the OU game behind them and moving forward: This was a tough loss for us. We had five turnovers offensively, three of them which were returned for touchdowns. This is one of those things where we didn't show up, and basically we had to just go back yesterday, look over film, correct the mistakes that we did make and were able to correct, and basically put it behind us. We have a 24hour rule that we always live by, whether it's a win or a loss. After 24 hours you correct the mistakes, see what you did wrong and focus on the next opponent.

On how to stay motivated: Ultimately, losing is not what we want to do. That's one thing that has been a motivator for us is last year's season, and that ultimately this past week would be a motivator for us. Basically never to feel that way again. So that's one thing that we'll take, making sure that we're ready and prepared for anything that Oklahoma State has for us and making sure that we'll handle it next week.

On playing ranked teams back to back: Actually in 2008 whenever we went through a long stretch with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and then Texas Tech. Missouri also was in that stretch. It was one of the most rigorous schedules that I have been through. This is similar to that type of atmosphere. It's just going against Oklahoma, topfive team in the nation, and then coming back against Oklahoma State, who I feel is also a topfive team in the nation. It'll be a great test for us to see how we bounce back from last week.

On giving advice to players who haven't been through such a tough schedule: Ultimately, every guy on this team, they're a competitor or else they wouldn't be playing this game. They know exactly what it feels like to lose, how they don't want to feel. So just the advice that I would give is make sure that they learn from the mistakes that were created in the game and use that loss as motivation and fire to fuel you next week.

On if he spoke to the UT QB's: I actually talked to them right after the game. It was one of the things when we were walking into the locker room. I always tell them keep their heads up. Everyone has a bad day every now and then, but it wasn't just their fault. You can't place the blame on just them. Those guys are in a new atmosphere, hostile environment against a great team, and I just had to make sure that they knew that this could be used as a learning curve for them. Next year they'll be better prepared for what to expect from a team like that.

On his performance on Saturday: I just felt like I just tried and did everything that I could. hat's what I do every game, every week. I just lay it out on the line for my team because I know that's what they're doing for me. Just contributing any way that I can, whether it be through special teams, offensively, wherever the coaches place me is my job on this team, because I owe it to them.

On his 100-yard kickoff return: It was a time where we were down. We needed a spark, and the ball was kicked right on the hash mark where I am, and I caught it. The ten guys on the kickoff return team, they laid it out for eight seconds, just holding the block, long enough so that I could just run up the middle. I've got to give the credit to them just because they put in all the hard work. All I had to do was just run right up the field.

On if he had previously had a kickoff return for a TD: I have not actually in my whole life, I haven't. So that was pretty exciting just being able to contribute to the team any way possible and just returning a kick.

On if it is beneficial for the Texas offense to control the ball to keep the OSU offense off the field: That is true. We always want to take care of the ball. That's our number one goal and priority is making sure we don't create any of the turnovers to give a great offense a short field or any type of possibility to score very quickly. And also we always want to control the ball. Time of possession will be key, and those two things are our number one goals what we look at in order to defeat a team like this. It's all throughout the year. That's our main goal is taking care of the ball, eliminating turnovers and just controlling it.

On OSU's defense being underrated: No, I don't think their defense is underrated at all. They're top five in the nation across the board, and they specialize in creating turnovers. They have 17 forced turnovers this year. Guys have a lot of interceptions. They're creating those turnovers, so I feel like their defense is just as highpowered as their offense.

On if he has spoken to RB Malcolm Brown about staying positive: You know, I talk to him every game. He and I are roommates whenever we're in the hotel, so I just tell him it's another game. It's nothing more, nothing less. It's what he's been playing since he was in little league, playing Pop Warner football. It's just a game, just take it as much. Enjoy the experience, but ultimately just enjoy the game.

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