Tracking the Longhorns: Sept. 6
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Sept. 6, 2011

WR Marquise Goodwin
On coming back to football after being overseas for track: My experience overseas was a big eye opener. I was over there a long time. I was getting updates from my teammates, and it just made me miss [football] that much more. Over there you don't get as much hospitality as we do here. It made me appreciate some of the things we have here in the states, and when I came back I just knew that I couldn't live without football.

On if his results in track affected his decision to return to football: I think it was going to be a football decision either way. I made a plan during the spring, and sometimes plans don't go according to how you plan them to. Things change, and I'm just back out here at football and happy to be here.

On how comfortable he is with the playbook: I'm really comfortable. I can learn things everyday. It's a great offense to be in. [Co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks] Coach [Bryan] Harsin knows how to utilize every player. We'll see Saturday.

On where he watched Saturday's season-opener against Rice: I didn't watch Saturday's game. I was getting updates on Twitter, so that's how I kept up with it through halftime. I was in Seoul, [South] Korea at the time, getting updates through halftime. After the second half, I had to get on my flight back home.

On if he is still going to pursue the 2012 Summer Olympics: That's definitely my plan. It's been my plan since I was little. But right now I'm just happy to be back, and get back into football mode. I'm ready to talk all football. Track can wait just like football had to wait during track. So, I'm back in football now.

On how his teammates reacted when they heard he would return to football: They really didn't believe me when I first came. I told [QB] Garrett [Gilbert], and when he saw me suited up he looked at me like I was a ghost. Everybody has just been patting me on the back, congratulating me for what I did overseas, and encouraging me. They're happy to have me back.

On how being in shape for football differs than being in shape for track: Definitely for running routes back-to-back and plays back-to-back. It's a higher tempo than track where you do one rep and then you sit down, or you get to rest. But in football it's non-stop.

On how he can help the team: I think I can help them from my experiences that I had in my life. - during and outside of football. I'm one of the older receivers, and I think I'm more experienced than most of them. Although we have great talent and great depth, I think I can bring a lot to the table with my overall experiences.

On who he talked to first about wanting to return to football: I talked to my mom first. She is always supportive of me in every decision that I make. Then that's when I brought it to Coach [Mack] Brown's attention, and I'm here now.

On if his teammates gave him any grief about missing this summers' hot camp: Not really. Every five minutes someone would come over and ask me, "'Quise, you alright? Are you alright?" It's cool out here today, I'm like, "'Man, it's 95 degrees!'" I just keep pushing, get some water and Gatorade, and then keep pushing.

On if there is any concern about burnout: God wouldn't have put it in my heart for me to want to come out here and start football right away. So I feel like he has my back and has my best interests. He's thinking about me. He is going to protect me, and it is what it is. I think I'll be fine.

On if he expects to play this weekend: I expect to play this weekend.

On missing the World Championships final by one centimeter: You just have got to keep it moving. It can be won by a centimeter or an inch. It's all football now, so my mind is all football right now, and I'm ready to go.

On if he was worried about telling Head Men's Track and Field Coach Bubba Thornton about returning to football: At first I was a little worried about what he was going to say. He's always supported me through every step. He's always encouraged me, and he's always had my back 100 percent every time. When I went in to talk to him, I don't know what I was worried for because he was on my side and I knew he would be. But there's always that thought in the back of my mind like, "I don't know what he is going to think, I made a commitment." But now I'm back out here.

On the hardest part of returning to football: Just getting back in football shape. I just got off the plane two days ago. I'm still a little jet-lagged. I started school today. Today was my first day back. So, just getting in shape, getting plays down, and getting back in the flow of football.

On if he ever planned on not being in school this fall: No, my plan was to be in school. I was going to redshirt, but plans changed and now I'm back out at football.

On what he missed about home while being overseas for track: The pasta. I missed the pasta. I can't wait until Friday. It's a Friday meal that we all have as a team. Overseas the food wasn't all that great - no disrespect to anyone. I was surviving off of oatmeal and noodles. So it's good to be back, eat some good food, and nourish my body so I'll be ready to go.

On if he took any hits at practice today: I didn't take any hits today, actually.

On what he did at his first practice back: They had me doing a few plays that we put in, and that's about it. A little kickoff returns. I was back with [RB] D.J. Monroe.

On when he contacted Coach Brown about returning to the team: I texted him the day after I made it back in the states - Sunday.

On how easy that conversation went with Coach Brown: It went really well. I'm here now so I guess it didn't go too badly.

On what he is looking forward to most about returning to the team: Just catching the ball and trying to get in the end zone. I'm just here to do whatever I can to help my teammates and help my team win.

On if he is excited about the speed of the receiving corps: So excited, so excited. Words can't even explain. The team did really well this past game, so I'm just looking forward to what we can do with me added into the equation.

On his relationship with wide receivers coach Darrell Wyatt: We have a pretty good relationship. I met with him during the spring, went over the playbook once a week.

On if Coach Wyatt seemed excited to have him back on the team: He definitely seemed like he was excited. As I said, I have experience on the field. I'm one of the older receivers in the room, so it's a little more serious to me at times because my time is running out. So hopefully I can get everybody riled up every snap of the ball and get the team better.

On if Coach Wyatt will want him to do more blocking: I'm down to do whatever. He hasn't really said anything to me about all the blocking, but whenever, I'm ready I'll step in.

On if he is excited about catching some deeper throws this season: I'm very excited. I finally get to utilize my speed and get down the field, get down those hashes, and get in that end zone. So I look forward to doing that pretty soon.

On if he has watched any game tapes yet: I've watched a few highlights of the game, so it's going to be really good.

Co-recruiting coordinator/wide receivers coach Darrell Wyatt
On having not ever coached WR Marquise Goodwin: No, I have not, but I have had a chance to meet him and spend some time with him and he's a quality person.

On what he looks forward to when coaching Goodwin: Well, the one thing he brings to the table right away is he has instant credibility with the success he's had on the football field, as well as the track. His maturity and his experience with playing in big games will certainly bring some maturity and experience to the group.

On a timetable for his return: There is certainly a learning curve, but the great thing about Marquise is that he has game experience. We will bring the offense to him in parts and give him a chance to help us in a quick fashion, but eventually bring him up until he is at full speed and gets the entire playbook.

On the difference between being in "track shape" and "football shape": There certainly is a difference. The quick bursts as opposed to track where it's one quick burst and opposed to football where there are a number of quick bursts. So we are going to play close attention to him and make sure he is ready, and give it to him in bits and pieces.

On his potential: Anytime you put a guy out there with his speed, he has to be respected by the defense. So certainly that is going to open up other guys for one-on-one matchups. With his versatility, he can hurt you running the football. He can hurt you in the return game. He can beat you deep. He can take a short pass and run after the catch. So certainly he's going to bring a lot to our offense.

On making five to 10 plays this Saturday: We'll see how it goes this week. He's out there and he's a very tough-minded guy, very determined, has a lot of pride and [is a] highly competitive guy. So we will see how much he can handle this week.

On watching film of him: I'm very familiar with Marquise. I understand his abilities, his potential, and the number of plays he's made in his short career here. We are going to have a plan for him and to try to take advantage of his talents.

On his position in the game: That's one thing I haven't had a chance to figure out yet. We're just going to bring him along and find out where he fits best in the offense. He's going to be a guy that we're going to move around, so it will be hard for the defense to know exactly where we are going to line him up from week to week.

On the surprise of Goodwin's return to football: It was a gift to be quite honest with you. Honestly, we were hoping to have him in fall camp, but you couldn't be anything but happy for him on his success on the track and certainly we understood. The young man reached out to us and said he missed the competition and wanted to get back around the team and the guys and felt like there was a enough season left that he could make an impact. So we are very excited on the offensive side of the ball and obviously across the board as a team to have Marquise.

On his expectation of the wide receivers: First of all, I am very encouraged from the things I see from the guys in terms of the ability to make plays, the potential and the explosiveness in the group. We are going to continue to work hard. Obviously, we have a lot to fix - to clean up. These guys are a talented young group and I think in a short time, or certainly sometime in the near future, they are going to be a group that has to be respected across the country.

On Marquise's biggest obstacle: Again, it's Tuesday. We will watch the film and see what kind of shape he's in, because the one thing we don't want to do with Marquise is we don't want to put him out there in the situation where he is not ready to play. We've got to get a feel for his conditioning and his fitness for football and then make a good decision. Again, he's a gamer and I think it will be hard to keep him off the field.

On being a part of the return game: Again those are questions that we will have to answer a little later in the week. We'll see. We obviously know that he has experience and past success in the kickoff return game.

On Goodwin being the veteran of the wide receivers: The thing to me that he brings to the table is he brings credibility. He's a guy that has made plays in big games in big stadiums and when you're a group that has some youth to it, having a veteran be able to communicate with them, it's unbelievable how much that helps. I'm fired up about the maturity and the experience he brings to the group.

On Goodwin's knowledge of the playbook: He was around and he would visit with us and his teammates and study on his own. He is a very bright guy. His athletic ability is one thing, but the great thing about Marquise is he is a quality person and he's a bright guy. He'll be able to digest the playbook quickly. He has an extremely high football IQ.

Head coach Mack Brown
On WR Marquise Goodwin's return: When Marquise earned the right to go to the World Games, we talked about the possibility of him redshirting because he wanted to go to the Olympics. He had a great jump there, missed it by centimeters. He texted me on the way home and said, "Coach, I miss Austin and I'm really excited about being back. I miss football so much." I said, "If you miss it that much and you want to play, than let's go ahead and play." He said, "Well, I just committed to you that I would redshirt, and I don't want to break my word." I said, "Absolutely not. I will get you with [co-recruiting coordinator/wide receivers] Coach [Darrell] Wyatt tomorrow. I'm going to get you with [co-offensive coordinator/running backs] Coach [Major] Applewhite and get you with [co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks] Coach [Bryan] Harsin and you all will sit down and see if it works for both sides. Then we'll talk to [ Texas men's head track] Coach [Bubba] Thornton and if it all works for everybody, then we will play. We will try to play you a little bit this week, but by conference time in three weeks you should be ready to go."

On Goodwin playing Saturday night: I think what he does Saturday night is get some plays. He will not be ready yet. He didn't go through spring practice. He doesn't know the new offense, so he's not in condition for football to play 50 plays. If you can get him five to 10 plays in the first game, that would be really, really good.

On Goodwin's participation in the return game: Well, we are not sure yet. We are working on that as we speak, because today is the first day he is out here. He worked some in thereturn game today, but he also hasn't been tackled. He hasn't been hit, so you worry about ball security. All of those things are things we are going to have to work out as we go.

QB Garrett Gilbert
On WR Marquise Goodwin's return: Marquise is obviously a veteran player who's been here a couple years. He came in with me, so just to have him back is great for us. He will bring some depth to the wide receiver position and, obviously, some speed.

On Goodwin's leadership: Marquise is a really great leader and a great guy to be around. He will be a good mentor once he learns everything. He's a really fast learner, and he will pick up the playbook quick. He will do a great job once he gets out there.

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